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SSH fingerprints

Whenever we use SSH to connect to a new host, we usually see the following prompt asking us to confirm the fingerprint: $ ssh The authenticity of host ‘’ ( can’t be establised ECDSA key fingerprint is c8:2c:22:6d:13:…..29:b4:86:8d:13. Are

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Network troubleshooting

Here are some basic commands to trouble shoot networking issues: ping ping <hostname> send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts ping uses ICMP protocol (ports are only for TCP/UDP) Check to see if a host is reachable from our computer nmap

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Zip commands

zip files zip <> <files-to-compress> — unzip unzip <file.jpg> -t test file -l list files from archive -j do not make directories tar files tar xvf archive.tar Z (compressed) files tar -xZf archive.tar.gz tar -C /tmp/test archive.tar.gz #extra

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