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Tomcat Virtual Hosts

I added to my bookmarks, its a website by Rama Krishnnan that contains lots of useful information for configuring Tomcat. Some of my favorites articles include:  Understanding Virtual Host Concept in Tomcat. Deploy multiple domains into a single tomcat (1

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“Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java. It is typically embedded into Java applications to provide scripting to end users. It is embedded in J2SE 6 as the default Java scripting engine.” After downloading & extracting

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SiteMesh 2

How to integrate Sitemesh into web application: Add sitemesh into web app: 1) Add sitemesh dependency a) drop sitemesh.jar into WEB-INF\lib OR b) use maven <dependency> <groupId>opensymphony</groupId> <artifactId>sitemesh</artifactId> <version>2.4.2</version> </dependency> 2) Add Filter to web.xml <!– SiteMesh –> <filter> <filter-name>sitemesh</filter-name>

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Handling links on the Server Side

If we create a web application and then deploy it to context “/webapp” all resources will be relative to this context, for example: http://localhost:8080/webapp/css/styles.css How do we handle this on the sever side ? If we have main.jsp and we want

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CSS Frameworks

There’s so many CSS & Javascript frameworks to choose from: 960 gs  – 12 & 16 columns grids based on 960 pixel layout BluePrint – Another grid based CSS System Yahoo YUI – Javascript & CSS Library BootStrap – Front

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