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Remote Connections to mysql

By default remote access to the MySQL database server is disabled for security reasons. The standard configuration of MySQL is intended to be as fast as possible, so encrypted connections are not used by default. If we want to allow remote

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SSH fingerprints

Whenever we use SSH to connect to a new host, we usually see the following prompt asking us to confirm the fingerprint: $ ssh The authenticity of host ‘’ ( can’t be establised ECDSA key fingerprint is c8:2c:22:6d:13:…..29:b4:86:8d:13. Are

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Fabric (SSH & passwords)

Option 1 – provide password with -p flag fab -H hostname -p password123 … Downside: password will show up in process listing Downside: password will show up in command history Option 2 – get prompted for password fab -I Initial

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SSH without password

Easy guide to follow: Summary: Use PuttyGen.exe to generate rsa key Copy the public key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys Save the private key on desktop Load private key into putty under SSH > Auth Permissions: chmod 700 ~/.ssh chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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