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applicationContext.xml <!– Jasypt security –> <!– configuration for ecryptor –> <encryption:encryptor-config id=”environmentVariablesConfiguration” password-env-name=”APP_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD” algorithm=”PBEWithMD5AndDES” /> <!– PBE encryptor –> <bean id=”configurationEncryptor”> <property name=”config” ref=”environmentVariablesConfiguration” /> </bean> <!– Encryptable PPC –> <encryption:encryptable-property-placeholder encryptor=”configurationEncryptor” location=”” /> Properties file: datasource.password=ENC(BVH0R2IQw7CcOfHOoPkkKjEU3WK1WjMlsSja9FKACxE=) Advertisements

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Cryptography & Encryption

Symmetric Key Encryption – Both parties use shared key Known as PBE (password based encryption) when a user’s password is used to generate the encryption key DES (1970s) Blowfish (1993) AES (2001) Digests – one way hash functions, output is

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