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Android troubles on OS X

I recently purchased a Macbook, I blogged about this getting adjusted to my new development environment. I decided to take another look at Android programming, I was able to get the environment setup on my windows machine without much trouble.

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OS X for Java Developers

Welcome to OS X I recently purchased a Mac (a Macbook Pro Retina), I had previously worked on Windows (XP/7) and Linux (Ubuntu). Making the switch took some getting used to, these are some of my tips for new developers. dmg

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Remote Connections to mysql

By default remote access to the MySQL database server is disabled for security reasons. The standard configuration of MySQL is intended to be as fast as possible, so encrypted connections are not used by default. If we want to allow remote

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Java Plugin architecture

Today I was interested in learning how to implement a Java plugin architecture. Plugins allow extra functionality to be added to an application (usually by other developers) without having to recompile. Eclipse IDE & Firefox are two notable applications that

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SSH fingerprints

Whenever we use SSH to connect to a new host, we usually see the following prompt asking us to confirm the fingerprint: $ ssh The authenticity of host ‘’ ( can’t be establised ECDSA key fingerprint is c8:2c:22:6d:13:…..29:b4:86:8d:13. Are

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Tomcat Virtual Hosts

I added to my bookmarks, its a website by Rama Krishnnan that contains lots of useful information for configuring Tomcat. Some of my favorites articles include:  Understanding Virtual Host Concept in Tomcat. Deploy multiple domains into a single tomcat (1

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Network troubleshooting

Here are some basic commands to trouble shoot networking issues: ping ping <hostname> send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts ping uses ICMP protocol (ports are only for TCP/UDP) Check to see if a host is reachable from our computer nmap

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