Installing Fabric


Installing fabric on LInux/Unix machine is quite simple:

apt-get install fabric 


aptitude install fabric


On windows the process is a bit more complex, see:

The installation page mentions the dependencies that are required, however there are a few gotchas.

1) The PyCrypto library requires a c compiler to build from sources (or a prebuilt binary), otherwise it yields this cryptic error:

error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

2) fabric needs a library called ecdsa


In the end these are the steps that finally worked:

  1. python 2.7 –>
  2. setuptools (easy_install) using –>
  3. pip –>
  4. PyCrypto binary —>
  5. pip: pip install ecdsa
  6. fabric : pip install fabric


We can verify the installation by running:

from fabric.api import local
def hello():
    local('echo "hello"')

Execute it:

fab -f hello


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