Android Development

To start with Android development, get a copy of Eclipse and install the ADT (Android Developer Tools) plugin. After restarting eclipse, it will prompt for location of an existing Android SDK, the SDK can be downloaded from the same screen.

Problems encountered during setup:

1) Device Manager window not showing up.

2) No system image installed for this target

3) Android project encountering: ‘R cannot be resolved to a variable’ errors.

  • The general advice seems to be to Clean the project so that R will be generated, but this didn’t seem to work for me.
  • Others suggested to make sure android.R wasn’t being imported
  • Another suggestion was to make sure there were no files with upper-case letter in /res folder
  • Errors finally went away after working through issue #2 above

4) Received ‘Failed to allocated memory: 8’ when attempting to start device

  • Reduced device memory to 768
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